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Lori Perdichizzi is a multimedia journalist looking to gain valuable experience in the media industry. Lori, a recent graduate from Hofstra University, spent two years learning the ropes on how to report, write, edit, and interview. The experience and opportunities gave her the tools to excel as a journalist. She covered charity events, college football, and community news. She interned for CBS Sports, contributed to 12Up Sports, and Double G Media.

Currently, Lori is a freelance reporter for PATV-Long Island. Her work can be found on PATV’s YouTube Channel or on Channel 20 (Cablevision)/Channel 37 (Verizon).

Her passion, dedication, and commitment continue to grow as she moves forward in the field. She is continuously looking for new opportunities. She aspires to be a field reporter, sports anchor, and producer of her own show.


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